Can I help you?


David Campoy


If you've got here is because you are looking for information about me, I'll try not to bore you, you are going to find the information you seek.

My name is David Campoy, I was born in May 1974 in Valencia (Spain). I'm living in Maryland (USA), since I went to USA to complete my studies of Telecommunications Engineering with a Master of Science in Telecommunications.

What do I do? I specialize in new technologies, I started managing Internet projects and I am now an independent technology consultant in gamification. My main role is to advise and assist Spanish Starts-up of games to be implemented in the state of Maryland (a state with large developers of video games).

My hobbies, I am passionate spatial model airplanes and classical computing. My first computer was a Sam Coupe an 8-bit home computer compatible with your computer Sinclair Spectrum. About the aeromodelling, my favorite rocket is Maxi Alpha III motor 6 E9.


And a little more to say, I will not find on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. If you have more curiosity about me, do not hesitate to contact me.

Remember, if you need financial support to develop your game, I can help you.